The goods are shown together with the standard unit cost of the good in the online shop The prices of goods in the online shop and in the purchase order are given in Euros excluding VAT, since we are not declared as VAT payers in our country.

The Customer can pay for the chosen goods by using the online banking system, via bank transfer with an issued invoice or by arriving at the Seller’s studio.

If the Customer chooses to pay via bank transfer, the execution of order begins only after receiving the full payment of goods and shipping fees (if the Seller and the Customer have not agreed otherwise). The payment is considered completed when the full amount of money is received.

The Seller has the right to cancel the order without prior notice, if the Customer fails to pay for the goods within three working days from placing the order.

Company details for money transfer:

Beneficiary: Židrūnas Miežetis
IBAN: LT817044060000832646
Payment details: indicate the number of payment invoice

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